Hi! I'm Kalaila, the one behind the jars of whipped perfection! I'm enthralled by all things nature, ancestral living, holistic health, birth, nutrition, and I'm a mama to a beautiful baby girl named Ahavah-meaning love in Hebrew. She is the inspiration behind the name and my biggest why. When it comes to the people you love, especially your tiny humans, you want the absolute best for them. A huge core value of mine is taking responsibility for my health so that I create longevity and quality for my life and family!

Once I became pregnant I started reading ingredient labels on food and especially everyday body products. I quickly learned that even products labeled "gentle" or “natural”, were actually far from. Nothing created in a lab with harsh chemicals and toxins is natural. The 'greenwashing' used in marketing for majority of modern body products is unfortunately very dishonest. Did I really want to put a baby product on my child that had ingredients derived from gasoline or chemicals linked to allergies or cancer causing toxins? It was a no brainer... Everyone uses body products everyday, all throughout the day, and our skin is the largest organ that absorbs everything we put on it in seconds. That accumulation and constant exposure to these harmful ingredients can have devastating outcomes to our health over time- but most people would never link their health to their shampoo or lotion! Because the reality is you shouldn't have to...They might make you smell good but they come at the expense of your health. I saw the lack of honesty in the marketing and compromise being put on health with profit being the only priority with these companies.

So I decided to start experimenting with making my own all natural products- making everything from my own toothpaste, deodorant, diaper creams, body butters, hair masks, face serums, eyelash serums, scalp oils and everything in between! Then I learned about tallow and it only took using it one time for me to be hooked. In 2021, I had shared on social media about a tallow balm I created and how quickly it healed a cut on my baby. And well... now the rest is history and here we are!

I've created these products with the whole family in mind! It's gentle enough for everyone and can be used on even the most severe skin issues! This is not a product where you have to play a guessing game with ingredients that you can't even pronounce! I've put so much time, energy, research, and all the love into making my tallow! My heart is to share with people how easy it is to take care of our bodies when we give it the right tools! Tallow has become a staple in our home and we hope you love it as much as we do!

With love,